Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday of Outings

The city (San Francisco) was our setting today. It was a very tranquil day and one of the best things of today was that we ate at a 100% vegan restaurant. It was very very good! It's called the Loving Hut It's highly recommendable even if you are not vegan and just want to take a break from animal derived food. Anyway, I'm breaking the rule of no electronics after 10 because I don't want to miss a post so I'll just go with a cryptic attempt at a poem....

The path of us men is threaded by our failures,
And only a few follow a noble path,
Yet the brotherhood stands.

Forging through pain our lives expand,
There are those who dare not resent,
Yet together we stand.

I saw my brother in not with a righteous attitude,
In the respect of blood I stood by,
I now see him a much better man.

There is hope after all.

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