Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let it burn..

As I see it, it begins a stir in me.
Almost creeping, but not quite because I see it flowing and I don't want it to stop.
Everything else seems fine, but this fire, it's warm, and I want it.
My light wants more light, could I take it?

The cut that is still with me is not even a memory yet and it bleeds with a taste of betrayal and... fuel.
Oh but as I test the √¶ther on the flame, it illuminates. Like a moth, I step closer.
I hold my heart and squeeze hard, as if there was nothing to hold to let it's contents flow.
Light, more light.

There's shadows around me. Shadows that hold back and show only part of what's there.
As this fire advances, the shadows die, they don't matter, they disappear. There's less pain.
Burn it, burn it all..
Just like a corrupted forest, it needs to be gone to grow again.

As I close my eyes, I see a lush field, a good place. It grows and beats with life of it's own.
In the distance, a dissonance, a distortion, like a phantom mirage but not quite.
Mmmm.. brimstone. I open my eyes and all is living red, not a lick of heat but energy that fills me.
The field is gone, as it should be. It was not meant to be.

Do not ignore the signs. I know better. Such neglect, damn, at least now I'm awake and I should have known, that such a feeble thing, goes as quickly as it comes...
and when the field is done, the ashes will feed the new seeds.
Like a phoenix, it rises, better, tougher, stronger. So they say, it's all part of the show.