Monday, June 12, 2006


The wind has changed,
the gear has shifted,
the door is unlocked,
the window is open,
the tide has turned,
I'm not afraid...

This time, I was not, and am not afraid..............

Nameless wonder.

I just think about a phrase that echoes in me right now: "I'm going to rip up a new one"... Sound familiar? Duke Nuke'm 3D.. Yeah, going to get a new everything, because I have always have had the need to find purpose, balance and motivation. Do I think about everything? perhaps.. Do I risk everything when I feel like it? I've tried... What's my most highly regarded value? Honor... What do I despise? Uncertanty... What do I desire? Companionship... What do I need? peace... How do I feel? Weary...

It's not up to me,
I've laid the foundation...
"Table is set,
the pieces are moving..."
I've made my move.


... knows how to break paradigms:
Just do it!