Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mayor Lifestyle Change

So, this may shock some people. Indeed, it already has, me for starters! I decided to become vegan. Which means no ingestion of any animal products. No meat (of any animal) nor eggs, milk or any other product derived of these things.
I expect that the majority of people who know me to have some surprise. I was a very aggressive meat eater and those who knew me best saw me devour taco after taco when really hungry. I will miss it, to some degree.
This is a big change. One that I did not foresee in my future but I embrace it.
All change is good. It's going to take months for me to fully adjust and reap the benefits. I need to detoxify my body of all the crap I've been putting in it.
I have my reasons to undergo this transformation and I'm not going to be able to expose them all here, however I will share with you one of the main catalysts.. The book Skinny Bastard.
It's about weight loss, but before you dismiss it for whatever reason, this is not a self help book, not a 'diet book' per-se. It's about all the crap we put in our bodies which do not only include the sugars and fattening foods, but also what meat really contains and does to you; what milk contains and does to you. How industrialized animals get treated and processed. Very eye-opening. And as a plus it's very in your face about it, which makes it very light and entertaining to read.
To wrap this up, I created a youTube video to document and to have another mean to remember and expose my thoughts and ideas. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today I decided

In the wee hours of the day, I decided to not drink cow's milk anymore. My eyes have been opened to a whole new level of sick.
I never thought cow's milk would have so many elements that are carcinogens, but it is what it is.