Monday, June 12, 2017

Every now and then...

I return to this blog. I have visited it a few times internally to see some of my own content written. It's interesting to read the things that I expressed back then. I'm sometimes embarrassed and sometimes in awe. It seems to occur about every year.

I have been nudged by my special someoneI always like to leave hidden messages in this blog, this one is for you Melove. I love you. to write and this time the seed took, so here I be. Not in a situation that demands a written outlet of emotions but instead a coming out of a shell that now is too small for me. This time however, no more shells are necessary. I've never been more balanced and in peace with myself. To be 100% with myself internally and externally has been hard. I had to distance my self from noise that I didn't know were clouding me, holding me back. So this is my random written thought of the day. Expressed in the open. Yep. Good times :)