Wednesday, February 23, 2005

When I think of someone special in my dreams #2

Of despair and angst I come. of hope and dreams I am born,
and I come to you in thoughts of late...
For I am what you sought but did not expect,
and you are to me the exact same...

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Winter Night

Today I woke up full of wishes,
I rose with a smile as day opened its gate,
something felt different, something familiar but couldn't quite place.
Then the first hint of morning gave it all away
and with a quick pace out the doorway I went,
so the touch of life, the touch of water, came upon my face.
In the coldness I found warmth
and in the dampness I found a laugh,
I took a smell of air and thus I was took to my other homeland.
Walking as I was, I though I could feel the touch of grass,
then my eyes were taken, for I was within a green forestland.
As the day went by, I saw a lot of faces looking down,
had they only looked the other way,
they would have shined with a silver crystal light.
I tried to spend as much time as I could under
the caress of the sky's tears so I could feel the love of the heavens.
I was surprised to see how everyone around me was cold and shivering,
so I took off my fleece because I felt a deep warmth within me,
peace... and I figured that I had not felt cold at all this day.
And so had the night arrived but the cool winter rain did not wish to part,
so I let the water be donned upon me with arms as wings wide open
and I was able to feel tranquility within my heart,
and at the same time I could smell the scent of night of pine,
the winter delight,
this lovely night...
of renewed dreams...
of thought of love...
and a heartbeat full of infinite wishes...