Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday of Normal but with a good end

This Saturday was pretty standard. Wake up, do chores, get some stuff for the cats, revelations, food, drive on the scooter.. wait, what? revelations? Well, it's more of what I know but re-discovered I guess, nothing new but needs to be put into greater light. Far from the praises Caro gives me I have my own internal issues I have to deal with, which one of the reasons I started to write again.
To write, for me, is to reflect and to expand. Something I did not encourage for a long time and has left me 'drifting'. I find it unfortunate but also pathetic that so much time has passed neglecting something which is part of my core. Through writing I reach new ideas and let emotions flow that otherwise are kept locked and cause a mess.
Anyway, tonight we watched "What Dreams May Come". I've wanted to see this for a long time and I finally did. It's very good. I like the visuals and the acting was good. The DVD that we watched had as a special feature with an alternate ending. It was interesting to see but I think the original was better.
Finally it's time to shut down electronics off. Caro and I are starting to really get into the habit of sleeping better and getting up early.

Signing off,

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Anonymous said...

I still give you praises. Imperfections and all. Because you recognize your imperfections, embrace them, and then figure out what and how to change them.

That's a rare quality to find in a person, from my experiences.

<3 U