Wednesday, April 08, 2015

On change.

I've been on a somewhat new journey in the last few weeks. Changes, evolution, movement. Things that take any person out of their comfort and it has been true for me as well. The more I cram new information and theories, bounce them to my self on my journal, I realize how much new territory is before me. Little things that I felt were common knowledge but didn't really acknowledge. So this process may take me a little further than were I'm in sync with my core but I embrace it and welcome it.

I don't believe in luck, karma or divine powers but coincidences do happen. And I had this come to me recently:

This is no divine sign, but just an interesting coincidence none the less. While the changes I'm about to embark on are definitely making me nervous, it's only the fear of change, I love the concept of evolving and everything that has happened to me and learned along the way has made me who I am now. It's not stopping until the day I die. I'm not sacrificing who I am, not changing in a way that is not me. Just evolving, leaving the things that drag me down, ideals that are not true to me and have held for far too long. Here I come.