Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year resolutions

These are my personal resolutions for 2010. Honestly they are done a little hasty but they don't lose their value because of that.

Some years back I did something similar, the difference is that I called them something different. Because back them I thought the word resolutions didn't have enough meaning for me to carry them on.

This year has had a lot of ups and downs. I've learned about myself and I think I've achieved some progress. This new year is about consolidating that progress. So without further ado:

Develop personal and internal site on my domain
Build bug tool
Build budget tool
Build Inventory tool

Learn Mootools
Learn Python
Read 2 books per month
Visit one museum per quarter

Sleep 8 Hours.
Wake up at between 7 and 8 everyday.
Complete 100 pushups challenge
Complete 200 situps challenge
Beat time of 7 minutes for a mile
Get rid of beer belly

Get Halo: Reach and beat it in legendary
Get Halo Wars and beat it in legendary
Get Bayonetta adn beat it
Get Dante's Inferno and beat it
Get DJ Hero
Get Beatles Rock Band

Family, Friends and Entertainment
Go to Mexico with Caro and show her the sites!
Go to Utah with my second Mom and Dad for Christmas or Thanksgiving
Camp at least 4 times this year
Build a miniature plane model every quarter of the year
Get back in touch with a least 4 people who I've lost touch with
Blog at least 2 times per week.

Time and Money Management
Improve budget system and tracking
Save up for 6 months worth of living expenses
Eliminate pending debt