Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Eagles

Orthannen im vi ól
Coll e dû
Or hiriath naur
Na rovail mae sui 'waew
Man prestant i ardhon?
Cerithar aen illiad dim úthenin?

In a dream I was lifted up.
Borne from the darkness
Above the rivers of fire.
On wings doft as the wind.
What's happened to the world?
Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Featured in "The End of All Things". LORT: ROTK.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Do you remember de guy that halfway through a field he found him self in front of a mad bull trying to run him down?
The only escape that could be seen was a tree, but the lowest branch was three meters high...
The guy ran and gave a tremendous jump. He didn't reach the branch on his ascent but he got a good hold on his way down...

I can still feel you.

I can feel you on my shoulder,
I can feel you on my hands,
I can feel you on my fingers,
I can feel you on my face,
I can feel you on my nose,
I can feel you on my forehead,
I can still feel you on my lips...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The touch

On a sip of red wine,
by the candelight delight,
the caress was right,
and each touch so light.

The dance of the hands,
and the finger tracing of our edges,
with talk form the beautiful silence,
and the words of the touch on our faces.

The tension was displacing,
felt how my shoulders started shaking.
the pace and sighs became at sync,
One thing existed... the moment of you and me.

The thought was long ago connected,
The sentiment had been forever been conceived,
The gentle smooth roughness traced a path,
On the tip where the cold met the warm,
With the tilt where guards no longer existed,
The touch was sealed and all together one.

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Inhibitor In Thoughts of Late

     The windows are damp, the whole house shivers and the inhibitor is sad, the wind howls a melody and it all relates.

     I stop... I listen to the new found silence... you can heart it... it comes from within... it's closing in, the pressure increases and my Eden goes farther away.

     The dust and shade, it's still there but I must make it go away, else I'm afraid all shall fade.

     The air is fresh and humid in return it cleanses and so at the last of the darkest moment, the first ray of light breaks this way.

     Then as a cycle ends and starts again, the last seedling spawns in wake of the new hope and strength.

     The windows open, the house trembles but does not wane because the inhibitor is ready for the storm he sees coming his way.

...and so he prepares

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Have you ever lived? How life was supposed to be lived? Sure you have, ever since you started to breathe... hehe, trick question.. ok, let me rephrase...
Have you ever felt like you were truly living?

When I think of someone special in my dreams

I can only imagine where I come from... your dreams... good and bad, because we are not ment to have perfection, and I don't want to be perfect. I just want to be yours.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A humble wish..

Yes, I wish I was stupid, that I was willingly deaf and ingonrant... I wish I didn't know... but simply wish, that it wasn't so...

Monday, January 10, 2005

On the road and my hand out the window

I remember when I was little, I used to hold out my hand outside the car window. I pretended it was an airplane wing. The earth beneath me was moving very fast. My Hand would go up or down depending on how I tilted it. The force of the air on my palm would make me soar, and when it hit the back of my smal hand it made me dive. Years later I saw an eagle fly above us. I could see the tips of the wings fan out. The outmost feathers looked like fingers. So I put out my hand and touched the air.
I've grown now, I yearn to fly and I can still remember how to touch the air, but my window is closed...

I open the window, close my eyes, reach... and I am a child again.

When the brain works...

Wisdom comes with age, but it does not do anybody any good, because humility comes arround the same time.

# soul>whois Stone

Stone was his name and in place call Aguascalientes he was ahead of the game, betrayed by him self as he lost his way, and blundered by the nonsense of living he disappeared out of sight, he was nowhere heard and is still to be seen.