Thursday, July 08, 2010

Short and Sweet

Third in a row. woot!

I am trying to shut down electronics at a certain time to get used to going to sleep early. Shutting eyes at 1:00 am every day is not something I would boast. So I will keep this short.

My good friend Miguel G. got married this week, so congratulations to him and Nelly. I will make sure I congratulate you personally when Caro and I visit Aguas in the fall.

Work has been really fun for the last month. I say that with minimal sarcasm because I'm actually enjoy it. There was some internal team restructuring and I think we all felt the ground shake under our feet, but it think it was mainly the resistance to change.

Finally, I'm considering adopting Pongo permanently. He's grown on me a lot. I haven't decided but who could resist this...
He is a very loving kitty,  here is one that does give him justice by a little bit of his cuteness:

I have a few days to decide. We'll see.


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