Saturday, July 16, 2005

System Offline. Error:0xC77685;

System wide broadcast.
Execution of main routine Logic(False,13072005); has generated a general fault error on subsystems on H34R7&B0|]y&50U1@C4rn470r in 0xC77685.
No callback method has been found.
Systems will operate at minimal margins in self-sustaining mode.
Trace routine execute...
Return: cause of system failure unknown, only reference found was "Break^".
Parent threads unaccesable.
Core Memory and Data array dumpage failure; Memory will remain resident until full system shutdown.
System will now go to minimal mode.
Press any key to restore system status.
'Any' key not found.
Force run Restore(!Logic,!Emotion,Light);
! (Negation) character found, Execute?
Trying method...
System is in stand by until further notice...

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