Sunday, July 30, 2006

Disappointment? Coincidence Not

Let me hear words and letters that will make feel alright

Because I feel unprotected and I feel faint.

My eyes were placed where not mine should have been laid.

Like the tension in guitar strings strung so hard

The notes rip the air and such resonance strikes bold.

Break my thumbs, Burn both my index fingers, Cut the middle ones,

Sting my ring ones, dislocate the little ones.

Put my right hand on the fire and the left one on top of

Cube of icy feelings and slippery thoughts.

Because I can't believe, when everything seems set on sail

The wind doesn't sound, all is dull.

Once is a surprise, but twice not a coincidence, its will intended,

How it bothers me so, I rather break a bone but still words fall short....

But words can soothe and make me come at peace,

I wish I could hear the words that conform.

I know they are there...

All I want to hear is something that makes me feel safe.

All will be good.

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