Sunday, January 15, 2006

A time to reminisce.

Free style...
Shit, for some goddamn reason I feel like shit, and it's funny how these last weeks I've been running at night and I know it's kinda cold... I don't feel the cold at all. I've gone to the court after sunset, I take of my sweatshirt, I know it's freezing, but I don't feel it. Right now my house is cold as hell, and I feel fine... I'm not sick, I just feel angry right now.. I have no clue! yeah, I do feel sad, and I'm fucking writing about it! How I wish.. how I wish there was something to kick right now. I must confess, I'm human.. I do regret... I fail constantly... I quit things I should finish.. I should not need to have pressure to get something done... I must confess, last year a door was opened I did not know it existed, now I hate, now I resent, now I blame... AAAAAHHH!!! WTF is this? I remember my dreams now, *sarcastically* heh... "dreams are the window to enlighment"... here's some enlightment, lonelyness burns like hell! and I'm such a skeptic because, it really is love that heals, not time, and I need a healer... anyone?
I need to GTFO of this place! I must aquire ghost killing skills, I wish I could just rip my heart out... you see, there's this thing cleaved in it, let me introduce you to it:
-this is "Why?".
-"Why?", this is: (your name here).
You've been acquanted... Now, this little booger has been around quite some time and right now it's kicking ass... my ass in particular. At times, it's very friendly and useful too, right now it's just bitchy... what an interesting word, I can collocate it with so many things, and the connotations with it too... for some reason it evokes people's names in particular, whooo, what a list.. too long for this post, but let's not go there. Ahh, this rant has been really soothing... I feel like... well, let's just say I feel better.. it's like that time in highschool, "..I just don't give a fuck!"


Ro Lu said...

Ok, sí, ahora sí estoy preocupada... Estás bien amigo?

IX said...

Friendship the only 2 things I have to say:
1. please never regret about a thing.
2. Yoh know Im here anytime anyplace, just knock I´ll open =)