Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's

Ever wonder how is it possible that so many people perform rituals in hope of getting better luck in wealth, health, love? Cuz to me, I find really hard to belive that the color of undergarment one might wear on New Year's will have an influence on the next year of my life... as if the color red in my undies will dictaminate how well I will do in love life... or whether my ability to go on a vacation trip depended on the ritual of getting out of my house with suitcases and running around the block once on New Year's eve... I mean, really!? I think it would be cool if it were like that, you know? we all would have perfect relationships, and poverty wouldn't exist.. cool, huh? Unfortunately, for an skeptic like me, the real world works under a different order. Red underwear doesn't make you have better relationships, it just makes you feel more sexy, and depending on the type, makes a fine lady ├╝ber-sexy... Running arround your block with suitcases doesn't make you look too stupid, just like your late for something... go figure.
Anyways, I just want to wish everyone I know and like and love a good New Year and hope for the best this 2006... and a recommendation (another rant): Don't make any New Year's resolutions or purposes, they are like diets. They work at the begining, but as soon as the diet is over you go back to your usual habits and to where you started when you began the diet. So don't diet, do excersice, change your habits, re-invent yourself. So translated, don't make resolutions, make New Year's convictions... It's kinda like the difference between a promise and an oath.. one is much stronger and your more deeply bound to it.
Best Wishes!

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