Saturday, March 12, 2005

A vision that I had.

I was coming torwards a mountain, it was higher that all the others that could be seen, and there I was on the top, just me, I could see myself with my eyes closed and the cold wind made waves with my hair. I was there taking all the fresh air and picking up the cold smell of the snow below my feet, and there I was but did not feel cold at all. The sky was so crystal blue and white puffy clouds were here and there. Even out of myself I could feel the calm and patience of my being. I could see the all things arround me. I float making circles arround me... and then I open my eyes.
I'm no longer where I was. I can see my self now in the middle of a battle field, on the front line, with my back agains the back of a trench.. It's so load and noisy. The sky now has a red tone, must be close to morning. Yes, the coldest hour of the night before sunrise. All my stuff and equipment is on the floor ordered ready to be fitted. Everything is now passing in slow motion. I can see a fire from a far and it's toungs look like thorns as time seems to take a sigh. Then I start to pick up my things and I load up, I gear up, I strap on, I ready my self. Interesting... as time starts to pick up it's pace I feel lighter, I feel faster, I feel stronger. Seems like the way I had been carrying my things and gear was wrong, this new setup is better. I get my weapon and now there's a bunch of others all along the trench, I can see their eyes like windows to the inside. Some are frightened, some are tired, some are hurt, some are silenced, some are dark, some are light, some are calm, some are a storm, some are gone. Now I can only see my profile, eyes fixed, cool and ready. Could that be a faint smile I see? barely.. but it's there. The smile of calm, hope and future. Then I see my self putting the smile apart for a bit and I start to speak. I can't hear any more, but heads turn and while blood was spilled that night and the sky still tells the evidence of that, all the heads start to rise. Sun stars to peek and shine. The smile is back, and addressing every one but the message intended to my self calmly and serene I can hear myself say: " is the time, honor, guts and strength for all, for what is upon us is well worth taking for what lies beyond us all... now is the time and tomorrow... will be alright! now is the time...".
I jump to top of the trench, climb and get over it. And no longer I'm out of my self, I run forward and don't look back because I already know what it's there... and what's in front.. only God can tell.

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