Monday, March 11, 2013

Another post of loving music

Holy shit, am I on a natural/music high right now...

Despite some rather sad events happening in my life right now, I have found a huge solace in music. There have been other important ones like new and old friendships, my programming passion and some plain old good luck. Back to music tho. Through spotify I have been able to create a very decent list of songs that I like and that has enabled me to somehow focus my moods. That alone is beneficial in recognizing and isolating a feeling to better address it and not go from one to another thus ending up with no sense of order.

Powerful cords, melodic keyboards, surprising arrangements and resonating lyrics. Music. Saying that I love music falls is more like a disservice because it does not even come close. So, the genre that moves me time and time again is progressive. It's more like a meta-genre because I found out I like all kinds of progressive music, whether it's metal, power, rock, pop, electronic, etc. You name it, it it's progressive, I'm there.

So what is it about prog? It's hard to say because each genre has a different way of implementation. As a whole I think it's the fact that the songs are like a story or a movie. It seems like it has different rhythms, it ebbs and flows, it has a climax, a conclusion. It's not just a repeat of choruses and verses. A polish DJ by the name of SynSun has some really interesting tracks where the climax part is really clear, the way the song sets a mood in the start but you end up in a different place altogether by the end. Another genre, another band, A.C.T from Sweden, has a more pop rock sound but still has the elements of progressive by combining subject matter in lyrics, which sometimes seem over simplistic but it comes  with a complex melody. This is great because it totally breaks some implicit rule that the lyrics have to be poetic or metaphorical to make it 'good'. Over in England we have Frost*, which is classified as a 'Neo-progressive Supergroup'. Which is like a dream team of sorts, accomplished professionals that their sum is greater than whole, but to me is emergence through music. Whoa..

Those are just my latest musical affairs. And to close this post, a thought I had in this night where my right brain decided to emerge at its fullest: Everyone should have an affair with music.. If you don't have one, you should. There is music for everyone, of all tastes and styles.

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