Sunday, January 02, 2011

A round-up of 2010

So I'm looking at my goals for 2010 and well, I didn't do good. I'm being upfront on my blog because I want to remind myself of this fact and then work harder this year.

In Technology I did horribly having done none of my goals. The only thing that comes remotely close is having put this blog on a new domain. My domain, w00t! Final score: 5%.

Academics was a little better but still nothing to be super exited about. I did not learn Python per se, but I did code with this language so it's a good start. No mootools. Books I did read a few but not 2 per month as I intended. On Museums  we did visit a couple here in the US and a bunch when we visited Mexico. So here I would give it 50%.

Health... Meh, I think I did good the first half of the year and then after summer I totally failed. 40%.

Gaming. I even didn't do so good on my favorite hobby. While it should be comforting that this is such an optional goal it's something that didn't get completed. So here I got a 50%.

Family, Friends and Entertainment. This is my second best category but still not great. 65%.

Finally, Time and Money Management. This is my best. 80%

And now for some statistics:
Overall completion - 48.33%

2010 yielded more posts for me than 3 years prior in this blog. I'm not including the posts I did on other blogs. So that is good.

Next up, 2011 goals and resolutions.


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