Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mayor Lifestyle Change

So, this may shock some people. Indeed, it already has, me for starters! I decided to become vegan. Which means no ingestion of any animal products. No meat (of any animal) nor eggs, milk or any other product derived of these things.
I expect that the majority of people who know me to have some surprise. I was a very aggressive meat eater and those who knew me best saw me devour taco after taco when really hungry. I will miss it, to some degree.
This is a big change. One that I did not foresee in my future but I embrace it.
All change is good. It's going to take months for me to fully adjust and reap the benefits. I need to detoxify my body of all the crap I've been putting in it.
I have my reasons to undergo this transformation and I'm not going to be able to expose them all here, however I will share with you one of the main catalysts.. The book Skinny Bastard.
It's about weight loss, but before you dismiss it for whatever reason, this is not a self help book, not a 'diet book' per-se. It's about all the crap we put in our bodies which do not only include the sugars and fattening foods, but also what meat really contains and does to you; what milk contains and does to you. How industrialized animals get treated and processed. Very eye-opening. And as a plus it's very in your face about it, which makes it very light and entertaining to read.
To wrap this up, I created a youTube video to document and to have another mean to remember and expose my thoughts and ideas. Enjoy.

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IX said...

are you on freacking drugs!!!!!

oseaaa amistad una semana , dos ok pero que te pasaaaa??? la carne es buenisima sobre todo si haces ejercicio, la protenia de la carne no te la da otro alimento ni el gluten, ni las nueces ni nadaaa... no enloquescas por favooorrr!!!