Monday, January 22, 2007

Of the deep.

The Deep is a scary thing because anyone can get lost in it.
However, the venturous few that navigate at will often find treasure.
Only those who take the risk of the immensity of solitude and awe,
those who remember the way back, have the light to navigate the black.
Winds and currents of despair are abound, best not to frail or wain.
I will honestly confess, I'm not afraid. On this I briefly dwell,
for all is left is to find back my way.
Phantom halls of pleasure and comfort, they demand a large toll to take.
Yet, all this pressure seems to wake sentiment and split reason.
I feed on my self, and I say what needs to be said.
This drive, this movement, this light, this sentiment...
One has to die to live again.

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