Sunday, November 20, 2005

A kick to the past in the ass...

It's funny at the moment
how I fell so sweet and sound
when the facts are so much different
problem? what problem?
ghost? what ghost?
I've been struggling and fighting something
that is not there and never will be...
The past is what made me what I am today...
It's like a foundation, thank god I have so much light because of that
what still hurts though is all the things that were real,
all that was shared,
the second in time when everything stood still,
the touch of the finger on the back of your neck
in the right place at the moment it had to be...
the words of counsel and disbelivef
the depth of the eyes while holding a sweaty palm,
the request of a lifetime.... which the answer to is yes
the hidden smile,
the soothing of the heart
the caress on the cheek
the curious inquiry..
the pull between us...

my walk is dull
and I my sight is down
as I live and live on
but everything seems gray..

I miss the rain, and the fresh air..

halls of hollow...
blue nets of sorrow..

to find a courtyard of sky and pearl
a tower to watch wide and far,
and a balcony, to step out of and fly... my special someone.

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