Friday, January 21, 2005

The Inhibitor In Thoughts of Late

     The windows are damp, the whole house shivers and the inhibitor is sad, the wind howls a melody and it all relates.

     I stop... I listen to the new found silence... you can heart it... it comes from within... it's closing in, the pressure increases and my Eden goes farther away.

     The dust and shade, it's still there but I must make it go away, else I'm afraid all shall fade.

     The air is fresh and humid in return it cleanses and so at the last of the darkest moment, the first ray of light breaks this way.

     Then as a cycle ends and starts again, the last seedling spawns in wake of the new hope and strength.

     The windows open, the house trembles but does not wane because the inhibitor is ready for the storm he sees coming his way.

...and so he prepares

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Unknown said...

wow!... Me like..

It truly makes the most beautiful music
Everything it has to give
It's everywhere hiding the listener
Without it I could not live